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Promotions & Features Information

Types of Promotions & Features Available at SMN Hobby Shop

Coupon & Voucher Code

Q. How to apply Coupon Code to my order?

Key in your coupon code to the designated column and click "Apply".

Q. How to apply Voucher Code to my order?

Key in your voucher code to the designated column and click "Apply".

Q. What the different between Coupon Code and Voucher Code?

Coupon Code is given for the masses while Voucher Code is usually given directly to you personally.
Voucher Code can be bought to be given to your Friends and Family.
You may buy Voucher Code at “Voucher” page.

Reward Points

Q. What are Reward Points?
Reward Points are rewards given to our members for purchases made at the 
These Reward Points can then be utilized to make purchases or partial redemptions at 

Q. How can I earn Reward Points?
You can earn Reward Points for purchases made at

The Reward Points Accumulation System is depicted below :-
Earning Points
RM 1 spent on products = 1 Reward Points
For example
Total order amount = RM 106
Total product price = RM 100
Total Reward Points gained = 100 reward points

Q. What is SMN Reward Programs
SMN Reward Program is specifically design for our customers to gain Reward Points that can be used at 

Our online customer can gain Reward Points from :-
- Follow Social Media (50 Points per Social Media)
- Referral & Purchase (250 Points for both [Referral/Referee] per Referral)
- Write review of purchased orders (10 Points per review)
- Write Shop review on Facebook Page/Google Shop (100 Points per Review)

- Reward Point Events; Reward Points will be reward to winners of special events (To be Announced)
- More to come!

Current Reward Programs
- Follow all our social media; Fill up a form to gain the reward
- Recommend SMN Hobby Shop to your friends; you can get Reward Points when your friend register and makes the first purchase; Referral/Referee fill up a form to gain the reward

Q. How can I redeem my Reward Points
Reward Points rewarded at the time of each purchase can be redeemed at any time towards future purchases.
You must log in to your account and apply your Reward Points at the checkout page

Redeeming Points
100 Reward Points = RM 1

For example :-
Total order amount = RM 20
300 Reward Points = RM 3
Amount to be paid = RM 17

Q. How much Reward Points can be used per Order?
There is not limit to redeem Reward Points per Order, you can redeem up to full price of the products

Q. Can my Reward Points expired?
Yes, All earned Rewards Points are available for 1 year. You will get an email notification from us before their expiration.

Q. How can I check my available Reward Points and Reward History?
Sign in to your account and at your account page; go to Reward Points page, you can see your Reward Points history:

Q. What happen to my reward points if my order is canceled?
If your order is canceled, please note that we only return Points corresponding to product price, disregarding shipping, etc.

Q. Can I use my reward points together with your Coupon Code and other?
Yes, you can

Q. Can I use my Reward Points at any third party merchandiser?
Unfortunately, Reward Points can only be utilized at